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Introduce:QT10-15 full automatic block making machine is one kind of block production line, capacity for blocks height of 60-230mm is about 14000-70000. It's a multi-purpose block making machine, can produce different kinds of hollow blocks, solid bricks, interlocking pavers and curbstones by changing block molds. QT10-15 block machine combines hydraulic pressure and platform vibration power, can make high quality blocks with great pressure and large density. So it's very popular block machine which has been widely sold domestic and abroad, especially Africa, north america, middle east, southeast asia and south america.

QT10-15 full automatic concrete hollow block making machine paver curbstone making line

The QT10-15 block production line is a fully automatic manufacturing unit, with a production capacity of pieces from 60 to 230mm height, allowing the manufacturing of a wide range of products for building walls, roads, garden, pavement, etc.

In this unit it used a series of fiber pallets with dimensions of 1300 x 900 x 30 therefore allowing the manufacturing of a large number of heavy weight pieces by cycle.

To attain such performances the vibration becomes one of the essential points of the equipment. To guarantee a homogeneous vibration in all the worktable with the guarantee of a strong compaction of the concrete, HENRY has the vibration system specially conceived to compete with the highest quality standards worldwide, this vibration system is not only an innovation but a standard for all our high performance vibropresses.

Its strong structure and certified materials allow the use of very high compaction forces of approximately 100KN, the hydraulic unit that comes standard with speed control modules allows extremely fast movements with very soft transitions therefore ensuring a longer durability and low maintenance of the equipment.

This following video is about the description for QT10-15 fully automatic block machine
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